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Meet Masa-San, Our Resident Coffee Meister

Masayuki Matsumoto, Certified Coffee Meister

Get to know more about Coffee Tonya's very own coffee master, Masa-San. Throughout his years of expertise in the industry, his passion for brewing continues to capture the hearts of coffee lovers and enthusiasts alike. With this short but straightforward one-on-one with the master himself, we can learn a thing or two about how coffee can make an impact towards different communities and lifestyles.

How long have you been a coffee master? Around 3 years

Why did you choose the coffee industry as your main expertise? It’s my father’s influence. He loves coffee. I have been brewing coffee since I was 10 years old.

In your personal opinion, how can coffee make a positive impact towards the different walks of life? I think a cup of coffee will make my life a little more interesting. Business persons need a break. :)

What do you love most about coffee? I love everything coffee beans but I especially love Ethiopia beans.

What's the best part about being a coffee master at Coffee Tonya? I can help you find your good taste.

How would you recommend Coffee Tonya to new customers? We will roast coffee after customers order. I listen to customer preferences. Customers can choose how many degrees to roast and grind too. Our goal is to sell what customers want.

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