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Jumping in the Kalita Wave

Getting started with home-brewing but can’t decide which to get? Let us introduce to you the brand, Kalita Co., a Japanese family-owned company that has been known for making coffee equipment since the 1950s. Many articles online too have been raving on this brand being a staple in brewing coffee at home. It’s also perfect for beginners!

In choosing the right dripper, you need to consider factors such as how clean and robust the coffee you prefer is and how much coffee you need to make at a time. The brand offers various options from Kalita Coffee Dripper 104-D (P490.00) in clear or the more premium Kalita Copper Coffee Dripper 101-CU (P2,840.00). If you want to invest more in your dripper, their best-known collection is the Kalita Wave.

You can choose between the Kalita Wave Dripper HA155 (P690.00) in ceramic and the Kalita Wave Dripper 185 (P1,980.00) in steel. With the wave filter and three-hole Kalita-formula, your brew is ensured to be crisp and consistent. In addition to this, the less surface contact of the wave filter helps the brew to have consistent temperature and even dispersion of water. It comes in different sizes perfect for people who brew more than a cup. They also have this sophisticated Kalita Wave Style 185 600ml (P3,210.00) that comes with heat resistant flask and dripper. The wave filters are sold in sets (50s and 100s) and they come in various sizes depending on the dripper you are using.

Photo by Mike Marquez on Unsplash

Isn’t it nice to pair the dripper with Kalita’s pots? Using their pots make it consistently and easily pour hot water over your dripper. They have this lovely Kalita Enamel Kettles COFFEE-TATUJIN 1L that comes in two colors: red and white. Offering sleek pots as well, they have these Kalita Thin-spout Pot 1.2L (P4,200.00) and Kalita Wave Pot 1L (P3,680.00).

You can also take brewing coffee to the next level by getting yourself a coffee mill to ground coffee beans in the comfort of your home. You can start with the timeless Kalita Classic Hand Mill (P2,410.00) or treat yourself with the Kalita Coffee Mill K-2 (P3,690) in copper. For hardcore coffee enthusiasts, you can go extra with this fancy Kalita Dia Mill N -RED #42137 (P16,910.00) that is smoother to use because of the vertical wheel direction.

Further exploring homebrew coffee, you can try making yourself a latte with the Kalita FM-100 Foamy Milk Frother (P1,200.00). The frother is battery operated and you can choose any of the four colors available: black, green, pink, and yellow. You can never go wrong with Kalita. Check out their collection here. They also offer filter racks, measuring spoons, mill brushes, and almost anything you need to start homebrewing and produce coffee up to standard.

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