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Home-brewing for the Homebody

As Christmas is drawing near, it also means that weather would be perfect for curling up in bed, wearing that fuzzy sweater you kept in the back of your closet last summer, and brewing that perfect cup of coffee to warm ourselves up. Still best to stay at home, we at Coffee Tonya will teach you what you need to know in brewing yourself that cup of coffee you never thought you needed.

For the Beginner Coffee Enthusiast: Hand Drip/Pour Over

This is the oldest and simplest way of brewing that is perfect for trying out home brewing the first time. Coffee cones are used to hold the paper filter. After filling the paper filter with the coffee grounds, hot water is poured over. Slowly, the brewed coffee drips directly into a cup or pot. This is perfect for medium-fine to coarse coffee grounds. The downside of it is that it often only produces a single cup at a time. You can start with this Cafe de Tiamo Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper set (P440.00).

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

For the Classic and Flavorful Brew: French Press/AeroPress

Drinking a cup of coffee brewed in a French Press has always been the best. Through what we call as the immersion method, the coffee grounds are soaked directly in hot water. In contrast with pour over, brewing coffee with the French Press preserves its pure taste and richness. Perfect for people who love their coffee robust. So much love this Breaktime Coffee Press 350ml HB-552 (P1,190.00). Very quintessential and it makes two cups.

A little different from French Press, AeroPress is raved for its compactness and lightness. Perfect for people who are always on the go but won’t compromise their coffee quality. Like how a syringe works, the AeroPress has a plunger forcing hot water and grounds through its filter to your cup. Coarse coffee ground is recommended for the French Press and fine-medium ground for AeroPress. You can check Coffee Tonya’s AeroPress Coffee Maker (P3,980.00) if you prefer this more.

Sometimes it’s Best to Put it Under Pressure: Moka Pot

If you prefer it intense and strong, the Moka Pot is still the crowd favorite. It is usually a stove-top coffee maker that brews by pressuring the coffee grounds in the mid-chamber with steam from the lower chamber. The brewed coffee then goes to the upper chamber of the pot. Perfect for fine to medium coarse coffee grounds, it is also portable and durable. Getting yourself a well-designed Moka Pot is surely worth it as it creates better pressure. Starting out small? Here’s BIALETTI Moka Express #3 (P3,700.00) recommended for you.

Photo by Eric BARBEAU on Unsplash

Every Drop Counts: Water Drip Coffee Maker

Unlike the previous process of brewing, this is something that just stands out. Why? Because instead of using hot water to brew, coffee in this process is cold brew. Coffee grounds, ideally coarse, are immersed in cold water usually 12 to 24 hours. With this process, the brew created is deep in flavor that can be served over ice or added with hot water to make coffee. You can check out BEAN PLUS My Dutch M550 (P4,500.00). It comes in black and white.

Making Homebrewing Sophisticated: Syphon

These are brewers that just catch one’s attention, yes? Its sophisticated method sure brews your cup of coffee just right- smooth, full-bodied, and rich. To use this, the vapor pressure forces hot water up to immerse the coffee grounds in the upper vessel. Once the source of heat is removed, gravity pushes the brewed coffee back through a filter into the bottom vessel. Love this HARIO Coffee Syphon mini-phon DA-1SV (P6,500.00) small but provides all the functions of larger coffee makers.

Photo by green ant on Unsplash

Roasting, another thing you must know too, helps the coffee bean reach its full potential. The darker the coffee is, the more flavorful it is. After roasting, the coffee beans are grounded depending on the brewing process you’ll be using. Finer grounds take to brew shorter than coarser grounds. Here’s a guide you can use:

There may be many options available for brewing but pick one that suits your preference and personality best. As you by now realize, brewing coffee is an art and there’s so much more to explore with it. Don’t be afraid to start now. The time is perfect for you to make yourself that cup of coffee you deserve.

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