• Ericka Mae Valenciano

Home-brewing for the Homebody

As Christmas is drawing near, it also means that weather would be perfect for curling up in bed, wearing that fuzzy sweater you kept in the back of your closet last summer, and brewing that perfect cup of coffee to warm ourselves up. Still best to stay at home, we at Coffee Tonya will teach you what you need to know in brewing yourself that cup of coffee you never thought you needed.

For the Beginner Coffee Enthusiast: Hand Drip/Pour Over

This is the oldest and simplest way of brewing that is perfect for trying out home brewing the first time. Coffee cones are used to hold the paper filter. After filling the paper filter with the coffee grounds, hot water is poured over. Slowly, the brewed coffee drips directly into a cup or pot. This is perfect for medium-fine to coarse coffee grounds. The downside of it is that it often only produces a single cup at a time. You can start with this Cafe de Tiamo Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper set (P440.00).

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