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In Case You Almost Missed It: The Perfect Coffee Fix For You

Photo by Luca Bucken on Unsplash

Spending longer hours at work recently? As the industries start to open up and the economy slowly recovering, the workflow pace for most also now starts to pick up. The need to stay clear headed and productive at the same time is more important than ever. To take a breather and avoid feeling burnt out, here are amazing limited-time offers from Coffee Tonya you can check out and brew yourself a well-deserved cup of coffee at the convenience and safety of your home:

1. If You Like It Sweet: Nicaragua Maragogype

Known for its floral intense, sweet and light notes to spices and its bright aftertaste, this is perfect for coffee drinkers who prefer their coffee with just the right amount of bitterness. In case you want to know, Maragogype is a mutant variety from the plant typica that has huge leaves, large cherries and huge beans. A 100g bag of these beans will only cost you P420.00.

Photo credit from @e90tsyle on Instagram

Acidity 2.0 | Bitterness 2.0 | Sweetness 4.0 | Body 4.0 | Aroma 4.0

Recommend roast : medium or high roast

2. Your Go-to Coffee: Myanmar

Embracing the Asian culture and giving credit to one of the best coffee exporters in Asia, the Myanmar coffee has the typical Asia cup notes: the aromatics, mild acidity, and clean cup. Washed from Kayah state, this will surely be just in the right amount of sweetness and bitterness in it. For only P120.00, you can bring home 100g of these coffee beans.

Acidity 2.0 | Bitterness 3.0 | Sweetness 3.0 | Body 2.0 | Aroma 3.0

Recommend roast : medium or high roast

3. The Game Changer: Decaffeinated Brazil

If you like it still bitter and textured but without the caffeine, this is best for you. These decaffeinated beans are only processed at Bremen Germany through the "liquid carbon dioxide extraction method". In this, the beans are processed at low temperature without damaging the flavor and taste of coffee. You can get a 100g bag of these beans for only P260.00. Such a steal, right?

Acidity 2.0 | Bitterness 4.0 | Sweetness 2.0 | Body 4.0 | Aroma 3.0

4. The Best of Both Worlds: Burundi Machonda

To keep things balanced in life is hard but the Burundi, despite its complex flavor profile, promises mild acidity and well-balanced body. With notes of Citrus, Honey, and Lemon, you can have the best of everything in these beans. Special priced at P230.00, you can bring home 100g of these coffee beans and treat yourself to that well-deserved cup.

Acidity 4.0 | Bitterness 3.0 | Sweetness 3.0 | Body 3.0 | Aroma 3.0

Recommend roast : medium or high roast

Take advantage of stocking up at home as these beans are only available for limited time offer only this month of November and we both know that after a bag of these, you’ll surely want more. So head on to Coffee Tonya’s website and add those beans to your cart.

Coffee Tonya Philippines is located near Makati City hall (1331 Angono St Makati)

Store hours is from Mondays to Saturdays from 10AM to 6PM only.

We deliver freshly roasted coffee beans nationwide!

Talk to our baristas or DM us in our social media pages.

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