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Coffee Tonya — Your Haven of Freshly Roasted Goodness

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Imagine your favorite blend of coffee roasted to perfection right before your eyes. In just a matter of minutes, you smell its pleasant aroma spreading all over the room. The glorious cup is then handed to you, guaranteed fresh, original, and delicious. You take the first sip and experience the fullness of its flavor.

Inside the Pivo Praha restaurant in Angono Street, you will find a hidden gem in Poblacion, Makati City. A Japan-based franchise in the Philippines, Coffee Tonya offers a diverse selection of coffee beans, tea leaves, coffee equipment, food and drinks. It is the first establishment in the country to offer everything coffee-related—from brewing equipment to freshly-roasted products. From the word Tonya, you may initially perceive it as a coffee shop that is named after a female. In fact, Tonya is actually a Japanese word for wholesale. Originally, the store's concept was to sell wholesale goods. As of present time, their products can either be ordered online or purchased at the shop. This whole idea was able to capture the hearts of coffee enthusiasts and aficionados around the metro.

Aside from having a wide range coffee beans with over 50 varieties from all over the world, Coffee Tonya also sells beans for you to roast at the comfort of your own home. The whole unroasted coffee beans are grouped according to variety, country, level of acidity, bitterness, sweetness, body, and aroma. Another major plus is that they roast coffee beans on the spot for each order they receive. Internationally and locally, their beans are roasted and ground to suit the customers' preferences. You may also have your coffee customized according to your desired taste. There are a few variants of beans in the Philippines that may be difficult to find locally such as the ones grown in the northern areas, especially Kalinga and Batangas. If you are looking for small samplers of these rare beans, Coffee Tonya is definitely your new treasure trove.

Meet the A-Team of Coffee Tonya [left to right] Noli, Mercy and Masa-san

If you are on the lookout for a no fuss coffee shop, Coffee Tonya is the place to be. The staff who are currently manning the first branch in the Philippines are also friendly and ready to welcome you during your visit. Relive those moments wherein you would just chill with your friends while sipping great coffee. Along with everything you need to make the perfect cup of your preferred beverage, you can just grab them all in one shop. Whether you are having a good or bad day, Coffee Tonya is the place to stay. A true coffee lover once said, "A bad day without coffee is better than a good day without it."

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