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Blended Coffee Beans

Choose by Taste

Savor every sip with Coffee Tonya Blends - the epitome of a worthy cup. Our meticulously selected beans promise unmatched richness and depth. From invigorating bold notes to soothing subtlety, discover your ideal brew. Elevate your coffee routine with Tonya - where each cup is a journey to perfection.

American Blend

"Perfect blend for light roast"

₱440 / per 100g

Blend for Espresso

"Perfect for espresso shots, lattes, and cappuccinos"

₱440 / per 100g

Popular Blend

"Easy-to-drink cup of coffee"

₱440 / per 100g

BBC Blend

"Bold and spicy flavor with a hint of bitterness in its aftertaste"

₱320 / per 100g

Blend for Ice Coffee

"Must-have Iced Coffee Blend"

₱440 / per 100g

Mocha Blend

"Mild taste and sweet aroma, high quality Ethiophian Mocha beans"

₱440 / per 100g

Bitterness Blend

"Low acidity and a strong, full-bodied taste"

₱440 / per 100g

Full Body Blend

"Strong body and a bold flavor profile"

₱440 / per 100g

Special Blend

"Well-balanced flavor and mild taste"

₱440 / per 100g

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