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Elevating The Coffee Experience

Aside from being well known for their rich and diversified culture, the Japanese are also renowned for their high attention to detail. From their groundbreaking technology to how they carefully prepare their own sushi, most of the things they produce are well-thought-out. Even in the coffee industry, their attention to detail is evident. Especially when it comes to Japanese coffee equipment, the machines generally have a resemblance with lab equipment. This may be due to the fact that the early glassware for Japanese coffee machines were originally manufactured in lab glassware factories. Through modernization and innovation, the production of coffee has constantly been reinvented—around the globe and across different generations. From large coffee apparatus to lightweight drippers, there are now more convenient ways on how to create the perfect blend. Here at Coffee Tonya, you can find the ideal equipment that would suit your brewing needs.

One of our certified Japan-made equipment is the the Hario V60. With an angle of 60 degrees, it is a cone-shaped drip coffee maker that uses a filter. Its creators believed that the V60's parabolic shape would contribute in producing clean-tasting coffee. This dripper was primarily designed to bring out the best flavor of coffee by carefully regulating the flow of water. For years, it has become the industry standard for its kind. From the name Hario, meaning King of Glass, the brand has established itself as a trendsetter. The original version of the V60 was invented from wire, while the latest version is made from the Arita Yaki ceramic (a 4-century-old Japanese tradition).

Another special apparatus that you may find in our collection is the Kalita Wave Drip Cone. It also became popular among coffee enthusiasts and aficionados. In order to regulate the flow of coffee, this drip cone exhibits a flat bottom made with three small holes. According to reviews, it is highly functional and delivers a smooth taste of coffee.

Explore more of our products when you browse through our catalog, here at or Lazada!

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