HARIO Cloth Dripper DPW-3
Hario Flannel Dripper and Server (DPW-3)
Good for 3 to 4 cups.
* Replaceable flannel filter.
* Flannel filter must be kept in refrigerator submerged in fresh water.
* After use wash with fresh water to prevent residual coffee oil.
* Includes measuring cup.

Product Details
No. DPW-3
Actual capacity 480ml (full water capacity 1040ml)
Size Width 110 × depth 110 × height 195 (mm)
Diameter 101 (mm)
Material glass ball: heat-resistant glass
Grip, closure straps, handle: natural wood
String: leather
Nell part: cotton
Spoon: Polypropylene
Country of origin Body: Japan / Wood: Thailand

HARIO Cloth Dripper DPW-3

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