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Perfect for espresso shots, lattes and cappucino.

Blend for Espresso

Perfect for espresso shots, lattes and cappucino.
₱440 / per 100g
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🌐 Variety and production area information

Bestseller coffee for your lattes, cappucino and espresso shots!

Product Information

Coffee Tonya Blend for Espresso

Indulge in a premium espresso experience with Coffee Tonya's specially prepared espresso blend. Expertly roasted to a Full City to French Roast, these beans offer a rich, full-bodied flavor with a lingering aftertaste. Perfect for espresso shots, lattes, and cappuccinos, each sip boasts a distinct character with a subtle sweetness, balanced acidity, and pleasant bitterness. Elevate your coffee experience and enjoy the extraordinary richness of our espresso blend with every cup or serving.

"Perfect for espresso shots, lattes, and cappuccinos"

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Choose your preferred roast

Our coffee is served on-demand, tailored to the customer's preferences, with the motto 'A fresh, delicious, and worthy cup for you.'

After choosing the green coffee beans, you can select the roast level and grinding method. We roast each order individually and deliver it to our customers while it's still fresh. Fresh coffee expands when hot water is poured, creating a distinct aroma and flavor!

In this step guide, you can easily understand and easily purchase by following the 3 steps of buying freshly roasted at Coffee Tonya by choosing your preferred "weight""roast level", and "grinding method" with explanations.


By trying various combinations, you can come across different tastes and get closer to your taste, and the new discoveries should make your precious time "living with coffee" even more enjoyable.

By all means, please find a "worthy cup" only for you.

In step 1, you choose the degree of roasting.

🔥8 degrees of roasting 

At Coffee Tonya, we offer a selection of 8 degrees of roasting, ranging from unroasted raw beans to Italian roasted beans. Our roasting machine allows us to cater to each customer's specific request, ensuring that you can enjoy freshly roasted, fragrant, and flavorful coffee in the comfort of your home or office.

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In general, the state of the beans before roasting is green beans, while the light roast is known as "light cinnamon," the medium roast is referred to as "medium-high""city" or "full city," and the dark roast is named "French Italian."

If you prefer a sour taste, we recommend trying our "Medium" or "Cinnamon" roasts. On the other hand, if you don't enjoy sourness, we suggest exploring the "High" or "City" roasts. For those in search of their favorite flavor profile, we recommend starting with our standard roasting degree, which is the medium roast. This choice will allow you to better understand the unique characteristics and individuality of our coffee beans. We take pride in the taste and aroma that are influenced by the production area, soil, and growing environment.

We regret any inconvenience caused, but we must mention that due to the specifications of our roasting machine, we are unable to accommodate long roasting times. We kindly ask for your understanding in this matter. Rest assured, we are still happy to accept orders for roasting levels ranging from "raw beans" to "Italian roast."

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For espresso and iced coffee

For espresso and iced coffee, we recommend the “City-Italian” dark roast, which has a richness that is as good as sugar, gum syrup, and milk. It is also important to change the degree of roasting depending on how you drink, and the range of ways to enjoy it will expand.


Purchasing raw beans

“Green beans” refers to coffee beans that have not yet been roasted.

Please note that when purchasing green beans, special equipment for roasting is required.


What is Roasting?

Roasting is the process of heating green coffee beans.
The taste of coffee varies greatly depending on the degree of roasting.

Even if the same coffee beans are used, if the roasting time is shortened, the bitterness will be less
and the taste will be refreshing.

1. Light Roast

It has a sweet aroma, but the light taste is complemented by a refreshing acidity.

3. Medium Roast

You can enjoy the original taste of beans with a good aroma and mild acidity.

5. City Roast

Bitterness is stronger than acidity.

7. French Roast

In addition to bitterness and richness, there is a heavy feeling.
Recommended for espresso.

2. Cinnamon Roast

It leaves a strong sour taste. It is ideal for American coffee with less complexity and richness of taste.

4. High Roast

The acidity and bitterness are well balanced and the sugar content is well balanced.

6. Full City Roast

The acidity is mostly hidden, and the bitterness and richness are at their peak.

8. Italian Roast

The beans are dark in color and oil floats on the surface. Recommended for iced coffee and espresso.


Choose your grind size

In step 2, you can choose the roasted coffee "as beans" or "grinding method (powder)" according to the purpose. Please note that a special coffee grinder (grinder) is required when selecting "as beans". Coffee beans begin to oxidize when exposed to air as soon as they are roasted. Therefore, if it is ground into powder, the surface area that comes into contact with the air increases and it deteriorates more quickly. It is ideal to grind coffee just before brewing (extracting), so if you have a coffee mill, we recommend purchasing the beans as they are.


You can choose from 17 levels of grind.

It is represented by numbers from "#2" to "#18", with "#2" being the finest and "#18" being the coarsest.
First of all, it is a shortcut to extract delicious coffee by specifying the grinding method according to the equipment to be extracted.

If you are using a general coffee maker or dripper that uses a paper filter (paper filter), "#14" is a guideline. When using a coffee maker or coffee press that does not use a paper filter, we recommend a coarse grind of "#16" or higher, and an extra-fine grind of "#6" for espresso.

We recommend that you make adjustments one step at a time until you find the grind you want.

17 degrees of grinding coffee beans at Coffee Tonya (3).png

Specifying the grind method that matches the brewing equipment is a shortcut to extracting delicious coffee.
* Ofcourse, you can also purchase the beans as they are.


Choose your weight

Step 3: Select the number of grams (grams of green beans) 8 cups per 100g 

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