Mandheling G1 400g

Mandheling is from Sumatra Indonesia named after north Sumatra’s Mandailing people and one of the best specialty coffee of the world. Mandheling, Alabica coffee beans has deep green blue color due to characteristic method of semi washed process (Sumatra Process).

Pulp of cherries are removed immediately after harvest and dried for a day. The beans with parchment are threshed to get fresh green beans. Then beans are dried for about 4 days until water contents become 12 to 13%.
Normally, beans are dried with parchment. This unique process contributes fine flavor of Mandheling.

Mandheling has smooth full body, soft bitterness and deep pleasant aroma in a mouth.

Acidity 3

Bitterness 4

Sweetness 4

Body 4

Aroma 4

Recommend roast Medium, city roast

Mandheling G1 400g

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