Kalita Wave Dripper 155
Wave filter with Kalita formula three hole structure and folds
Please pull out in the wave series beans original taste.
From beginner to professional barista...
Everyone in the easy, enjoy the best taste
Kalita original Wave series.

20 Wave
Wave filter 185 (155) is,
Because there is less contact surface with the dripper,
In the place where biased a long period of time within the filter
Hot water does not accumulate, will be promptly drip.

Wave zone
It is poured hot water biased,
Wave zone easy uniformly familiar with because the bottom is flat powder.

Kaita formula three hole
Since the coffee liquid does not stay for a long time filter and wave zone,
Drip only the less taste extraction of coarse taste component.

Wave style
Heat-resistant glass drip server
Please enjoy the coffee time.

Product details
For 1 to 2cup
Made from stainless steel
Use this with wave filter.

Kalita Wave Dripper 155

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