India Plantation A 100g
Main region of Indian coffee ( over 98%) is southern part of India, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu ( Madras) along west of Gahts mountain range.

Coffee plantation in these area perform important roll in preserving ecological system of West Gahts.

In plantation of these area, to make shadow for coffee trees silver oak trees and about 50 different various trees are planted purposely which protects erosion of steep slope and make the soil fertile as well as protect coffee trees.

This Planation A is growing in Karnataka and presents moderate acidity and spicy aroma and light bitterness and rich body.
Also this is good for dark roast and served in espresso.

Acidity 1
Bitterness 4
Sweetness 1
Body 3
Aroma 2

India Plantation A 100g

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