HARIO Tea dripper LARGO TDR-80B 800ml
Double Tea Strainer

* The inside strainer is finer than the outside.
* Stainless steel.

Size: W75 x D55 x L161 mm.

* Tea Largo is dripper for tea.
* Pour to server by pressing a button.
* Round shape makes it easy to observe the tea leaves as they dance in the water.
* Heat-resistant glass.
* Place dripper on the top of server.

Model: TDR-80B
Capacity: 800ml.
Size: W130 x D130 x H165 mm.

Material glass body / heat-resistant glass
Lid / AS resin
Filter, stainless steel ball / stainless
The inner holder, bottom holder / silicone rubber
Switch / polypropylene
Country of origin Japan

HARIO Tea dripper LARGO TDR-80B 800ml

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