Guatemala Antigua 100g
Guatemala is third biggest producing country of Arabic coffee.

Coffee farm occupy 25% of country 91 export company and 751 producer/export company, and its production is export to USA 42%, Germany 14%, Japan 7% and other countries including Europe 37%.

Coffee beans earn 33—55% foreign reserve of Guatemala, and contribute 6.6-10 % of GNP and employ 11% of labor force.
Antigua is considered typical Guatemala coffee growing area with 1400m-1500m elevation.

Coffee plant type is Catuai, Caturra Bourbon and Linda which exhibits sweet aroma of typical high land coffee, well balanced acidity and body.

These beans are produced with up to date automated selecting machine and has only 5 defects per 100grams of beans.

Acidity 5
Bitterness 1
Sweetness 4
Body 4
Aroma 5

Guatemala Antigua 100g

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