Brazil No. 2 #18 100g
Brazil is Number 1 producer of coffee in the world. There are many very big plantation so called Fazenda in Portuguese.
They are equipped with mechanization and integrated all process in intensive farming way.
Brazilian coffee has been used for the base of blending because of its mild taste and balanced flavor. Nowadays, relatively small farms start producing own specialty coffee.

The grading of coffee is classified by size of coffee beans from #13 to biggest size of #19. Also classified by number of impurities; least #2—most #8
Acidity 3
Bitterness 3
Sweetness 4
Body 4
Aroma 4
Recommend roast
Medium roast Good balance of acidity and bitterness
Also good for espresso and iced coffee.

Brazil No. 2 #18 100g

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