Blue Mountain No. 1 100g
The Blue Mountain No.1 acquired his fame as a king of coffee only after established CIB (coffee industry board) in 1948 who controls and try to enhance quality of coffee beans from planting to shipping under tight control of the law. 

Blue Mountain No.1 is best selected beans from harvest from the limited area under law and follow No.2, No3 and peaberry. So called blue mountain mist and difference of temperature between daytime and night time make excellent coffee beans exhibit smooth and silky taste, balancing with body, acidity, bitterness and aroma.

Variety of coffee tree: Typica
Process: washed sun dry and machine dry
Package of shipping: Barrel ( from other country: in bail)
Acidity : 2.0 Recommend roast: Medium roast
Bitterness: 1.0
Sweetness: 5.0
Body: 3.0
Aroma: 5.0

Blue Mountain No. 1 100g

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