Sigri A








Country of origin:Papua New Guinea

From the southern country, mellow flavor of coffee rich, aroma, mellow sweetness by sun drying. Moderate sourness unique to high-end varieties.

Papua New Guinea is located in the tropical south of the equator. Coffee was brought in by Lutheran missionaries before World War II. Sigri is a large farm that was developed in the Wagi Valley in the western highlands in the late 1950s. With an altitude of 1,600m above sea level, cool climate, sufficient rainfall, rich soil, and the changing weather that is said to repeat the climate of the year in one day, it is an ideal environment for growing coffee.

It goes without saying that the taste of Sigri is based on such a climate. However, in addition to this, hand picking of ripe cherries, a washing and fermentation process that took one day more than usual for 4 days, sun drying for 10 days, plenty of 10 days, and two round tabletop manual selection of finished beans, etc. A blue color similar to, and the finest flavor and dignity are completed. It has a perfect balance of richness, aroma, sun-dried peculiar round sweetness and high-grade varieties-specific sourness, so if you drink a sip, you do not need much explanation.